The new CoolAdvantage™ applicator only in IQ Dermatology Medical Clinics


The CoolSculpting device comes with several different applicators, so it is possible to always select the best one applicator depending on the treatment area. The applicators use vacuum pressure to draw the tissue between the cooling panels, cooling it in an absolutely accurate and controlled manner.

The applicators are different in terms of size and curvature, and they are specially designed to precisely fit on local fat depending on the body area where it is located. Perfect fit improves treatment effects while succeeding in achieving an excellent cosmetic result.

Recently, the American manufacturing company Zeltiq launched the seventh applicator, offering benefits to interested persons, as indicated by its name. The ultimately advanced CoolAdvantage applicator, which is available only in IQ Dermatology Medical Clinics, offers better application, covering a greater area of local fat while it halves treatment time, thanks to its advanced cooling system. In just one move the curvature of its shape can be changed to perfectly fit on the selected treatment area, thanks to its three interchangeable treatment applicator contours. Find out more today!

Selecting the appropriate applicator for each body area


New! CoolAdvantage™ Applicator with three different contours. Ideal for: abdomen, flanks and inner thighs…while treatment is completed in nearly half the time


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CoolMini™ Applicator. Ideal for small areas of local fat, including the double chin, the area around the underarm, above the knee and the inner side of the knee.

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CoolCurve+™ Applicator. Ideal for curves, as in the flank area, “love handles”, fat on the back, the area around the bra, as well as gynaecomastia in men.

CoolCore™ Applicator. Ideal: Most commonly used for the abdomen.

CoolFit™ Applicator. Ideal: for flat areas of local fat, since its shape is not curved. Suitable for the stomach, inner thighs and the arms.

CoolSmooth™ Applicator: Ideal: for areas with non-pinchable fat, thanks to its flexible shape. Suitable for the stomach and the outer thighs (“saddle bags”).


CoolMax™ Applicator. Ideal for areas of local fat when large volume reduction is desirable, since it achieves 2.5 more suction than the other applicators. Most commonly used on the abdomen.



Now, you can treat local fat of the abdomen, flanks and inner-thighs all with the new enhanced applicator. CoolAdvantage offers three interchangeable contours and can be applied with one move:

CoolCore Advantage™ for the abdomen.

CoolCurve+ Advantage™ for the flanks, fat on the back and gynaecomastia.

CoolFit Advantage™ for the stomach, arms and inner thighs.

With the CoolAdvantage applicator, you have multiple benefits:

Shorter Treatment Time: Treatment is completed in nearly half the time (approximately 35 minutes for each area).

Greater Comfort: More comfortable fit as compared to simple applicators.

Larger area of local fat: The new design provides a larger cooling area.

A recent study demonstrated the effectiveness of the CoolMiniTM applicator

coolsculpting applicators

A recent study demonstrated the effectiveness of the CoolMiniTM applicator

With the small CoolMini™ applicator it is possible to permanently treat local fat in body areas that despite their small size are a source of discontent. These include the areas below the chin (double chin), around the underarm, above the knee, as well as the inner side of the knee.

In a recent clinical study assessing CoolMini treatment in the double chin area*, the following was observed:

20% reduction of fat cells number on the area

83% of patients reported being satisfied with their result

7 out of 10 patients reported that the procedure was comfortable

8 out of 10 patients reported that they would recommend the treatment

* The relevant results were published in the review “American Society for Dermatologic Surgery”, 2015