local fat

At the beach without your love handles!

Stop trying to burn your fat, just freeze it

As years go by, if excess fat is accumulated in fat storage areas it is almost impossible to get rid of it on your own, restoring your body’s shape harmony. Until today, the problem of local fat could only be permanently treated through liposuction, which involved admission to a clinic, surgery, pain, downtime and possible complications, not to mention the high cost of the procedure.

Now there is a modern way to eliminate local fat without surgery. It is performed without pain, leaving no signs and with no downtime. It is the CoolSculpting procedure, cryolipolysis in other words, which is based on fat cells’ weak point: freezing. Professors of Dermatology from Harvard University in the U.S. realised that when fat cells are exposed to low temperature (-10oC), they are crystallised, die and go through a process called apoptosis, without affecting the nearby skin tissues.

The advanced CoolSculpting technology allows targeting fat cells underneath the skin and freezing them in an absolutely precise and controlled manner. Through this process, fat cells’ morphology changes, stimulating their natural elimination from the body through the lymphatic pathway. During the following months, the fat layer is gradually reduced, allowing time for the skin to adjust to the change thanks to its elasticity. Soon after that, your ugly and unattractive love handles or your double chin become smooth, while you regain your self-confidence.

Ever-lasting visible results

It is important to highlight that contrary to all other non-invasive procedures for local fat treatment, CoolSculpting offers permanent results, as it is not a method for weight loss but a method that eliminates excess fat cells. What does this mean in practice? When we lose weight, our fat cells’ size decreases, but their number is still the same. Thus, when we re-gain weight fat cells become bigger again.

On the other hand, CoolSculpting actually reduces the number of fat cells in the treated area (by about 25%). Even if you gain weight in the future, there will be no fat accumulation in that particular area, since fat cells will not be present. Therefore, no matter whether you weigh more or not, you can still wear your clothes easily and feel great with about looks.

10 reasons to choose CoolSculpting

  1. One treatment session is enough
  2. No pain, no anaesthesia
  3. Permanent results
  4. Reduction of fat cells number
  5. Natural elimination of excess fat cells
  6. In-built sensors ensuring safety during application
  7. Skin can adapt to the change thanks to its elasticity
  8. Immediate return to everyday activities
  9. The only U.S. FDA-cleared device for cryosculpting
  10. The only treatment against local fat with 92% patient satisfaction in terms of results achieved

Dr Tzermias Christofer


* The article was published in the website liberal.gr on the 28th of April, 2016.