IQ Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery

IQ Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery is silver


An extremely important distinction of business excellence for the introduction of innovative services in the field of dermatological health was received by IQ – Intensive Quality Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Clinics. At the “Healthcare Awards 2017” ceremony held on Wednesday, 13th of September, the clinics received the “Silver Award” in the “Innovative Services” category, an award that confirms their recognition for Quality and High Standards.

In particular, IQ – Intensive Quality Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery clinics have been awarded for their pioneering services, such as the IQ / Digital Book of Dermatological Health, which gives the patient access to his / her Personal Medical Dermatology File whenever and wherever he/she wishes.

They have also been distinguished for the most sophisticated IQ Body Scanner mapping system, their effective treatment of acne by means of a photodynamic therapy and miraDry technology used to treat and provide a permanent solution to axillary hyperhidrosis.

The prestigious award was presented to Dr Christoforos Tzermias, Scientific Director of IQ – Intensive Quality Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Clinics, who has been leading the implementation of the advanced dermatological LASER in Greece for the past years.

The Innovative Services” Award attests over 20-years of our scientific contribution to Therapeutic, Cosmetic and Invasive LASER Dermatology, by providing excellent, high standard services,” said Dr Tzermias, after receiving the award.

Our aim is to constantly upgrade the dermatological services and therapies offered in Greece so that they become similar to those offered in foreign medical centers. This distinction recognises and rewards on a nationwide level our long-standing investment in innovative technology, applied by experienced and skilled medical personnel, making us a Standard and Innovative Unit of Dermatological Health”.

It is worth noting that this award came just a few days after Dr Tzermias was appointed a Fellow at the American LASER Company in Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS). This is the highest title that a doctor can obtain by taking a leading role in this world-renowned organisation, whose mission is to promote the effective treatment of skin diseases by applying sophisticated LASER and other Energy Based Devices to the benefit of patients.