Forget Liposuction!Welcome CoolSculpting!


Remember all those times when you tried to keep to a consistent workout schedule and used a great deal of self-discipline when it came to your eating habits? Despite all that, your favourite narrow jeans still did not hug your curves the way you wanted them to.

How would it seem to you, however, if you knew that the persistent local fat that had accumulated in your body ruining your self-confidence could now be something of the past? Instead of considering the well-known invasive liposuction method, it’s time to introduce you to a new effective non-invasive procedure that is ideal with just one session; the original method of Cryolipolysis®…CoolSculpting®!

No, to Liposuction! Yes, to CoolSculpting®!

Until a few years ago, there was only one solution to address local fat: invasive liposuction. Now, there is the original non-invasive CoolSculpting® cryolipolysis method, with which the local fat is treated once and for all, without a scalpel, painlessly and with no recovery time. It is a method that fits in with our modern lifestyle perfectly and is based on the selective cooling of adipocytes. The adipocytes are cooled to -11ο C, a process that causes their apoptosis (normal termination) and their gradual elimination from the body, resulting in the area of treatment being purged from excess fat within 2-3 months all in one session. Forget about scalpels, surgery and physical pain!

CoolSculpting – One method, one session, multiple benefits

Focusing more closely on the advantages of the method, we observe the following:

  • Successful handling of most cases requires only one session per area.
  • Unlike liposuction that can cause trauma in the area of local fat, CoolSculpting® simply cools fat cells so that they fall apart and are permanently eliminated from the body just like all other cells, but without affecting neighbouring tissues.
  • The skin has time to adjust due to its elasticity.
  • The process is completely safe just like the original CoolSculpting cryolipolysis as it is the only one to have the patented Freeze Detect technology, which is based on special sensors that monitor skin temperature throughout the procedure and shut it down if necessary.
  • The CoolSculpting® device features special applicator heads suitable for every part of the body to ensure optimal application and maximum results.
  • With the original CoolSculptingcryolipolysis method, there are no complications and the body remain free of scars or marks. Unlike the liposuction method, no post-operative care is required from the patient (e.g. being bedridden, changes in incisions or analgesics). This very aspect gives the patient the advantage of not having to change his/her daily routine.
  • The procedure is so quick that there are even a few who come to have it during a break from work or some other activity.
  • CoolSculpting® does not require anesthesia, as it is a painless, non-invasive procedure. During the session, many choose to watch TV, read a book or even take a nap.
  • With CoolSculpting®, the body is evenly and gradually sculpted (within 2-3 months), allowing the person to become familiar with his/her new look.
  • The local thickness fat is eliminated once and for all. With CoolSculpting, the number of adipocytes is permanently reduced by 25% – 40%. Thus, even in subsequent months if there is any weight gain, the excess fat will be distributed more evenly throughout the body rather than in the same place.
  • The procedure is inexpensive.


Why does weight persist in these areas?

 The distribution of weight in the body is controlled by genetic factors, of course, without making the choices we do every day (consumption of fatty foods, a sedentary lifestyle, etc.). Although the number of fat cells in our body remains constant, our choices often contribute to their increase in size.

However, there are a high number of individuals who, even with proper nutritional guidance, are unable to lose local fat in the fattiest parts of the body such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, and even the legs. In these cases, the original CoolSculpting® cryolipolysis procedure, (the cutting edge of aesthetic dermatology) is a perfect solution for combatting such a problem.