What is the ideal age for CoolSculpting?


The issue of the proper age for CoolSculpting affects many who are interested in the fat-reduction procedure. In fact, there is no ideal age for dealing with excess fat. This is a non-invasive treatment which is suitable for anyone between the ages of 18 to 80 as long as the individual is in good health.

Fixed number of adipocytes after adulthood

It is important to know that adipocytes (fat cells) grow in numbers until the end of puberty. From then on, they are only diminished according to the individual’s eating and exercise habits. No new adipocytes are formed in adults. Therefore, any age after 18 is a good time for CoolSculpting®. The great advantage of the procedure is that it has the ability to permanently reduce the number of adipocytes and their storage in the treatment area. Thus, in this way, CoolSculpting harmonises the body since it sculptures the areas where there is excess fat.

Therefore, CoolSculpting® is the right treatment for young people who have seen their bodies change after adulthood and for middle-aged parents who having neglected themselves over the years because of their responsibility of raising their children and who now feel the need to be in better shape again.

The real candidates, however, are those over 60 who have gotten tired of living with their local fat for so many years and now want to get rid of it by taking advantage of a modern and effective non-invasive method. Women who saw a change in the distribution of fat in their bodies after menopause and saw a strong deposit of fat in the abdomen belong in this category too.

It is also worth noting, that in these cases, CooSculpting® can also work pro-actively, since removing fat stores in this area, means that its distribution will be much more uniform.

The need to like ourselves

It has been shown that regardless of gender and age, we are all concerned with how we look and feel in our clothes. The need to love ourselves is a determining factor for our self-confidence and self-esteem. Therefore, we are always willing to use a safe and effective technology to bid farewell to local unwanted fat.

CoolSculpting is the authentic technique for cryolipolysis which is applied with its own real device and is the only method that can eliminate local fat in one session and also deliver the desired result easily and painlessly.

In an absolutely safe and controlled manner, the adipocytes cool down to -11°C which causes their termination (apoptosis), without affecting organs or surrounding tissues, or the rest of the skin. For four months, excess fat cells are expelled irreversibly from the body and the body looks more harmonious from the third week onwards!