Cryolipolysis: Not all devices are the same


The revolution brought by the original CoolSculpting® Cryolipolysis® in the way of dealing with local fat has been welcomed with open arms in recent years and has become extremely popular. The possibility of non-invasive eradication of local fat painlessly and without side effects, combined with its permanent results, has been the trump card attracting millions of fans around the world. However, as is often the case with authentic and successful patents, it did not take long to replicate it. There have been a number of cheap copies on the cosmetic dermatology market which claim to use authentic cryolipolysis, however, they are not FDA approved, operate at a controlled temperature and do not get results.

Five basic differences of the original CoolSculpting® cryolipolysis

It took years of research to develop CoolSculpting® technology based on the theory that controlled cold conditions can cause apoptosis (normal termination) of adipocytes and thus lead to a permanent reduction of local fat without affecting neighbouring tissues. The technology was developed by Dermatology Professors at Harvard Medical School and was patented by the American company Zeltiq.

CoolSculpting® excels in 5 key points:

  1. Safe treatment. CoolSculpting® guarantees the security of the application, as it is the only one with the patented Freeze Detect technology. It is a sophisticated sensor system built into the application heads (applicators) and constantly monitors the temperature of the treatment and the skin. If a deviation is detected at the desired temperature, treatment is automatically discontinued. This ensures the effectiveness of the therapy and does not compromise the patient’s health.
  2. Results with only one session. CoolSculpting® keeps all the parameters necessary to deliver the maximum result in a single session, such as the mechanism of action, the duration of the treatment, the local fat suction power, and the cooling temperature that is constant at -11 degrees Celsius. An important advantage is still the choice between many different applicator heads to ensure they are the right shape and size on the skin, depending on the area of treatment (e.g. smaller heads for double chins and arms, larger heads for love handles and the abdomen and more curved heads for areas like the hips). The ability to cope with local fat in one session makes CoolSculpting® more economical than the total cost of having several repetitive sessions with other cryolipolysis devices.
  3. FDA approval. The method of action of the CoolSculpting® is supported by over 70 scientific publications. The CoolSculpting® method and device is the only procedure which has received the approval of the strict American Food and Drug Administration FDA for the permanent reduction of local fat in a non-invasive way. In fact, the American organization has given its approval for CoolSculpting® treatment to be applied in eight areas of the body where local fat tends to accumulate.
  4. Overall assessment body. The CoolSculpting® procedure excels even in estimating the total body fat percentage by allowing a 360 degrees view of the body from which a configured personalised treatment plan for each patient (“Treatment to Transformation”) can be devised.
  5. Medical practice. CoolSculpting® is used as a medical device and is therefore only available in selected medical environments, rather than in aesthetic institutions where there is no medical supervision.