Not all technologies are the same

The CoolSculpting® procedure differs substantially compared to any other minimally or non- invasive fat reduction procedure.

The main difference is that all other methods cause fat cells’ necrosis, as they destroy fat either through the use of heat, or through the use of high-frequency ultrasound, or by the injection of chemicals. All these methods pose technical challenges, especially in terms of adipose (fat) tissue targeting at the right depth, as well as in terms of unwanted damage to surrounding tissues. Furthermore, all these methods have uncertain results.

To the contrary, the CoolSculpting® procedure causes fat cells’ apoptosis, i.e. it changes their morphology, bringing them into a latent state, and thus raising the normal elimination processes of the body. In this way, adipocytes are gradually eliminated and the adipose tissue’s thickness is reduced, while all other tissues remain intact.

Other technologies

  • They transfer intense heat beneath the skin, causing traumatic and sudden death of the fat cells (necrosis)
  • Energy is not delivered in a controlled way, and as a result other tissues are also affected, apart from adipocytes
  • They do not have safety mechanisms
  • Quite often it is necessary to manage pain during or after the treatment sessions, increasing the complexity of these procedures
  • The result depends on the application of the technique by the operator/doctor and thus there is room for error
  • The result is uncertain


  • Its energy crystallises fat cells, causing normal cell death (apoptosis)
  • Its technology allows selective targeting of energy only on the fat cells. The other cells and tissues remain intact
  • CoolSculpting® features the patented Freeze Detect™ technology, which detects any skin change throughout the treatment session and stops it automatically if necessary, thus preventing burns
  • No analgesia is needed during the treatment session
  • The method is standardised and the result is not dependent on the application of the technique by the operator/doctor
  • The device comes with several different applicators so that to apply the one that best corresponds to the area under treatment and achieve the best possible result

Not all cryolipolysis devices are the same

Even in comparison to other cryolipolysis devices available on the market, CoolSculpting® excels for the following reasons which are crucial for the outcome of the treatment:

  • Temperature: When the cooling temperature is not ideal, primarily safety but also effectiveness are compromised. CoolSculpting®’s cooling system operates at  -11oC and through the patented Freeze Detect™ technology it detects any skin change, stopping the treatment automatically, if needed.
  • Compression: It is evident that minimising blood flow in the area under treatment increases effectiveness. CoolSculpting® has a pulling system, with which perfusion limitation is achieved in the area under treatment.
  • Sculpting: The result is maximised since the size and shape of the applicators are adjusted perfectly on the area with local fat. CoolSculpting® has several applicators made of soft pliable rubber, which cling to the skin thus achieving full suction of all fat in each area under treatment.